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The Tlatlasikwala First Nation invites responsible business partners into the Territory to help create diverse and sustainable economic initiatives, so our people may once again return to Hope Island and thrive. These economic opportunities may include aquaculture, wind power, and tourism. (Watch Video: Returning To Hope)

Tlatlasikwala and Marine Harvest Canada LogosIn 2010, the Tlatlasikwala First Nation and Marine Harvest Canada began discussions about whether the Territory would be suitable for salmon aquaculture. Since 2010, the company and Nation had worked together to locate two potential aquaculture sites for salmon and to research the science-based data required for the site application process. After completion of public consultation about site locations, tenure licenses for two salmon farms off the shores of Hope Island were granted to the Tlatlasikwala First Nation in January 2015. The first crop of salmon was entered into the Ghi-ya site near the village of Bull Harbour in the fall of 2015.

The Tlatlasikwala First Nation continues to seek opportunities for wind power generation and tourism in the Territory.

For more information on business opportunities in Tlatlasikwala Territory, please click here.